My First Impression of the Cool Flo 900 Watt EZ Softbox 3-Light Kit

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My First Impression of the Cool Flo 900 Watt EZ Softbox 3-Light Kit

Post  SonicOrbStudios on Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:47 pm

Recently I got a light kit from and that kit is the Cool Flo 900 Watt EZ Softbox 3-Light Kit so I thought I would post my first impressions here before doing a proper review video.

The kit looks very well built and such in the photos on site but I found the stands very stiff and hard to open, and are also very light weight. I'll probably end up buying better quality stands for this kit. Also the bulbs are cheap and don't put out much light although this is an 85watt bulb in the end...but on top of that, they do have a slightly blue hue to them so be sure to get a good white balance before filming and don't use those camera presets!
The diffuser white front is fairly thin and could have more Velcro on it however once again, this is a cheaper kit.

Lastly, the general bag with "PBL" printed on the side has these great padded panels that pop out from the bottom however I can't find any use for them so I keep them folded down. Also, the bag is well made and such and the lights/bulb boxes fit in nice and snug although the light stands are just about an inch too long to fit in the bag and so you have to stack them on top or elsewhere.

Overall the kit lights well and is great for small interviews but don't go for this is you want a bright, soft, light or want to use it outside out of a studio as I can't see this kit holding up well on the road. I think if I were to re-buy today, I would go with the 900w Focusable Halogen 3-Light Kit for $20 more and deal with the heat that the kit puts out as there is much more light.

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