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Audio and Video converters Empty Audio and Video converters

Post  GottaLaunch on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:52 am

Hi guys,

Sometimes a file, wether it's audio or video, needs to be a specific file type, which means you may have to convert it.
The time consuming way is to of course just import it in your editing program, and then export it aut in another format.
But there's an other way of doing all this; an audio or video converter.
These little programs are way quicker, just select the item(s) and target, and then press 'convert'.

For this purpuse, I'm currently using 'Xilisoft video converter', and for audio 'Xilisoft audio converter'.
They're fine to me, there's almost no quality loss,

What programs are you using? What's the best?

Yours, WVD

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