HI there my name is {Tishon} :)

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HI there my name is {Tishon} :) Empty HI there my name is {Tishon} :)

Post  tishon24 on Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:10 pm

HI my name is Tishon user: (tishon24) and i am 13 years old i love video editing from the time i first saw Mark Apsolons First video (How to make How to make awesome green screen) and i just wanted to say that thanks Mark for making a beautiful site for us the fourms,the training dvds and the contests for us its so cool keep it up. Everyone keep on doing what ever your doing if your making a new video then do it. We will all comment and help like Sonic orb studio, Mark apsolon don't worry about hatters cause there just jealous.

And every one welcome to the new site enjoy Very Happy

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