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Designing a video studio

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Designing a video studio Empty Designing a video studio

Post  sbeamond Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:47 pm

Looking for some help/guidance here. I have the opportunity to build a video studio at my office for recording company product video demonstrations. Here's the specs:

- Room size will be approx 20’ x 20’
- Planning on a lino-type tile for the flooring
- Need to know best kind of lighting, for the ceiling or floor standing
- Should we remove the florescent lights and replace with something else for our base lighting?
- What kind of sound proofing is available to put in the walls?
- Suggestions for wall color, a light color would probably be best but should that be glossy, semi gloss or flat paint

We're possibly looking to put some kind of mural in the background, but don't want it to look cheesy, so would appreciate any input on that also.

I have searched around online, but am yet to find anything specifically helping with studio design. There's a lot on lighting and such, and although that's an important part, i'm looking for room design as well.



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Designing a video studio Empty Re: Designing a video studio

Post  SonicOrbStudios Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:46 pm

Welcome to the forums!

Sounds like an awesome project....I wish I had my own room about 20x30" for just my video

As for the type of light...get a mix of everything from the halogens down to the fluorescent. Lighting is an art form and having more than one type of light will greatly help in the productions. Usually studios have fluorescent bulbs installed which are nice to keep on while working with the main production lights off..but once you start filming and color balancing, you'll want to turn those fluorescent off and keep the main lights on.
I would go about trying to install a grid on the ceiling...if you have the space for that type of system...that way you could skip buying a lot of C and Light Stands and just ceiling mount everything.

When it comes to "sound proofing" technically doesn't exist as you always get some bleed into other areas.
I would suggest putting dual layers of sheetrock up with the proper material in between to keep out the low end frequencies, and then install bass traps and studio foam to control the reverb and such. If noise comes from the doorways, you can always put in a solid door and some seals to block the sound even more.

Do whatever you want to the's your studio and design in the can always put a track around the edge of the place and roll in a backdrop or two.

If you have not already, look around the SC forums for some more info on studio design...a lot of people know their stuff over there.

Oh yea, and read up on some home theater designs and methods at places like as the basics of the room design can apply to audio and video studios.

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