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Post  ateam19 on Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:24 pm

I am a green screen novist that likes to do fun green screening with my kids. I have a 5x7 green screen that I got with my software and it works great, but is too small.

I went to TubeTape and purchased the Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop 10' x 20', CK-318-1. I was very disappointed in that the color of the green screen was not sharp and crisp like my 5x7 and made it difficult to use. After shooting a few videos, I was very disappointed with the results. I contacted TubeTape and they informed me that was their standard color and recognized it was not the same as other items like green suit of which I was considering purchaseing. Therefore, I returned the 10x20 green screen of which TubeTape was great to work with and gave me a full refund.

Now, I am still back to where I started. Does anyone have a any recommendations on a good large green screen?


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Post  SonicOrbStudios on Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:31 pm

Welcome to the forum aTeam19, The actual shade of green doesn't make a difference. You need many things though to do a good key.

- A good screen with even color (TubeTape gave you just that)
- A good set of lights to evenly light the screen. (This further makes the color of green more even and easier to key out)
- A good camera (The sensors in cheap cams will discolor the green screen and everything around so you won't get that great effect in the end.)
- A good piece of software. (Most new people use the keyer in the editing software however additional software such as Adobe After Effects features advanced keyers like Keylight which do a MUCH better job in the end)

It's mostly the gear you have and the technique. Don't blame the shade of green from the old and new screen. Both shades of green can be keyed out with two key effects applied to the video if needed.

I will say though that the shade of green is a little brighter on the plastic screens compared to the muslin. It's nothing TubeTape or the manufacturer can correct but simply the way the material takes color. Either way, it doesn't make a difference in the end.

This video shows how a good camera really helps when doing keying:

I should also mention that when buying key screens, get the next size up than what you think you will need from the start as I have found many people buy something that they feel will be large enough but once they set it up, find out just how small the actual setup is.

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