Egglebert The Egg Series!

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Egglebert The Egg Series! Empty Egglebert The Egg Series!

Post  thecaptain72 on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:22 pm

This is my first youtube series. I think it sucks, so any pointers will help.


video here ---->


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Egglebert The Egg Series! Empty Re: Egglebert The Egg Series!

Post  SonicOrbStudios on Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:44 am

- It sounded like you were reading a script you didn't know...try not to pause so long and if you do, edit out some of the audio to make those pauses shorter.
- I was really bored watching this video, try to spice it up with some vocal acting..some kickin' scripts can really add a lot of action to the overall video.
- My mind was so set that that sledge was going to just smash down on the egg like the hammer is usually used, this would have really added some action.
- Try some backing music while you're at it.

Hope these tips help you with your future videos.

Dave - Sonic Orb Studios

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