Help..need choosing the right lighting kit

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Help..need choosing the right lighting kit Empty Help..need choosing the right lighting kit

Post  Flavasupreme on Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:24 pm

Hi There
Well i am new to photography in most ways and i am looking to find the right lighting kit to start with...

I have seen the video on youtube that mark did for tubetape and i kinda have an understanding on lights and what you need to look for in a kit when getting one. And i am aware that it depends on what you really want to achieve with the photo-shoot when choosing/using the right lighting kit.

But here is my question..

Its a recession out there and right now i am using this opportunity to really build something for myself (being that i was laid off) so you can really say my budget is extremely tight...hence..i got to go the cheap way.

Ive been looking on ebay fand i saw some lighting kit that are cheap and they look really "professional" but one of my concerns is the light itself that i will be getting for example a lighting kit that's "45watt Background light 5600k" Now the 5600K is 5600 kelvin? right? (if that's how its spelt) And how do i know that i am getting a great lighting set or not?

Oh p.s Looking to achieve portrait picture, full body, as well as close ups.

Thanks in advance...HELP!!!!


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Help..need choosing the right lighting kit Empty Re: Help..need choosing the right lighting kit

Post  SonicOrbStudios on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:09 pm

Yes you are right on the color temps.

For a lower priced kit you can go to however if that isnt low enough, try some of those flood lights at your local hardware store.

I am hesitant when it comes to buying new products on ebay as if something goes wrong or you break something, you don't have a support line or anything to go to.
I also suggest looking more into this kit as it sounds like it won't be bright enough. 45Watts is a really low light output.

For my studio I use three 100W incandescent lamps for the subject and two 500W flood lights for the green screen.
An image of my studio from about a year ago is posed below. I usually do a medium shot with this setup.

Help..need choosing the right lighting kit 100_3633

Dave - Sonic Orb Studios

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