Production of a Movie?

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Production of a Movie? Empty Production of a Movie?

Post  Brandon on Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:03 am

Production of a Movie?
Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? I'm brandon, and I'm here to ask a question. This is actually for, Mark Apsolon. But, if anyone can make a good suggestion, please reply THANKS.

Well, if I decided to make a "Film" or a "Movie" just with some friends, how could I make it look like an acctually Tv Movie?
For example:

I make "Rap" songs (Not bad one =)) after I recorded my narration, how could I make the Rap Video, look very decent, as if it was on a Tv Channel, playing on Mtv?
I, think it would be pretty cool, because I'm very trying to this. And if it helps, I got Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
thanks, for reading, and I hope Mark Apsolon, or any other member on this site can help me!
Soon, when I figure this out, I'll make a short film, and post it! Good, luck to all.
Once agian, THANK YOU!



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