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Would like to know more about your video's.

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Would like to know more about your video's. Empty Would like to know more about your video's.

Post  smcpartlin on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:51 pm

I found your clip on You tube and I really like it's production value. I've got Adobe Pre Pro 4.0 and Sony Vegas studio 9 and am looking at making some non-professional video's for the company I work for. It's been asked to shoot in green screen so that we can import a background later. Our plans are to use a Sony AVCHD HDR-SR12 camcorder with a wireless mic to record the subject's voice.

I would love to know if your video covers the software (either Adobe or Sony's) steps to pull this off. I'm not a video person and while I'm pretty bright I don't have Days to figure out what I'm dooing. I've got the video extraction down pat. Trying to get a hold of the actual video editing right now. I understand what I want to do just not the commands to do what I need to.


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