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Gotta Launch says: hey! Empty Gotta Launch says: hey!

Post  GottaLaunch on Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:21 pm

I guess the time has come to present myself to you Laughing .

Hey, my name's Boyan, 14 years old and living in the Netherlands.

I'm active in an phenomenan which is know as 'water rocket insanity' XD.
For a couple of years already with some friends I'm busy with performing the most extreme stuff with water rockets; our aim is to explore the boundaries of water rocket science!
On the 19th of June we've got an official World Record Attempt on launching most water rockets simultaneously; where we will be using 250 water rockets!

Already when I was approximately 6 years old I got interested in videography, but that soon faded away a bit when I got other interests.
But it only took untill 2005, when I started my water rocketry organisation Gotta Launch, that I started filming again (where I was filming our experiments and such).

Now I'm a skilled After Effects compositor and PPro editor, and made some awesome short films.

Hence I hope to be able to help some people out right here at this forum, and hopefully learn stuff here myself too, of course! Very Happy

-Gotta Launch

(EDIT: here was previously called WVD)

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