Two good lower budget mics

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Two good lower budget mics

Post  SonicOrbStudios on Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:14 pm

Have a mic jack on your camera?
Want to get better audio recordings?
Limited on budget?

Well have a look into the Rode VideoMic and Azden SGM-1X

I'll start with the Azden
This mic is more geared towards cameras that have XLR inputs or if you are using an interface or external recorder. The shock mount is much better on this unit and the sound is a little more clear. I personally use this mic now and love it. The nice thing is that this mic runs on a single AAA battery so you don't need any phantom power source.

The Rode VideoMic is another great product but it has a 1/8" mini-jack meaning its more of a consumer level mic. The shock mount is there but isn't great so you will get some noise if you move the cam around too much. Sound to my ear was a little more muddy than the Azden. The Rode VideoMic runs on a 9V battery.

Looking for something even lower in price?
An MXL 991 small diaphragm condenser mic overhead on a boom stand works fairly well although it will pick up room noise and you should EQ the recording to add bass in the end. This mic runs around $80. You will need to run this mic with Phantom power so be sure your recorder supplies this.

If you have a field recorder, make sure it has a full 48 volt phantom power source with the mic preamp. A good interface and laptop is another way to go but laptops also run on batteries and are limiting in processor power sometimes.

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