Video Camera Training by BAFTA/EMMY award winning BBC senior cameraman.

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Video Camera Training by BAFTA/EMMY award winning BBC senior cameraman.

Post  SingleCameraProUK on Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:32 pm

The 'singlecamerapro' video features BAFTA/EMMY award winning (category: Best Camera Work for the 'Secret Asia' series) team member, Nick Shipley (Certified Sony trainer - Senior BBC cameraman). With 30 years of knowledge as a Multi-awarded BBC & News Corp current affairs and documentary cameraman, experience as a University Senior Lecturer and BBC/Sony trainer, Nick uses a combination of video footage, graphics, blackboard theory and a direct presenter style lecture, giving you the perfect platform for learning the techniques of professional single-camera video production.

View the video trailer:

The video teaches (see the full DVD chapter list at bottom of page):

*An easy-to-grasp guide to the theory of framing shots.
*Understanding differences between the most popular video formats.
*How the lens aperture works with depth of field to produce professional images.
*Understanding white balance, focus and exposure.
*Confident use of manual settings over automatic to give better results and image control.
*Better microphone technique.
*Efficient, effective tripod technique.
*The basic principals of how a video camera works.

The SingleCameraPro video, teaches the newcomer to videography how to get the most professional results for broadcast, web, educational and corporate video applications.

Users include: BBC journalists, various Broadcast personnel (NAT GEO, BBC, Star TV etc) and students from Universities/Colleges worldwide.

To Purchase:


"Getting to grips with broadcast technology can be a tricky business but Nick Shipley really knows how to deliver the goods. His training DVD is concise yet comprehensive, thorough yet easy to digest. He strikes exactly the right balance between providing the theoretical principles of camera optics and the hands-on techniques of camera operation." C.J. BBC Video Journalist

"Single Camera Pro is an excellent teaching resource. The tutorials are delivered in direct, clear language by an experienced professional, supported with simple, well-produced illustrations that effectively demonstrate what is being discussed. The DVD is divided into individual sections so that selection of key components that are particularly relevant can be made easily and quickly. The DVD fills a niche in the training market in that it does not assume the availability of a professional crew, but instead assumes that the videographer will be working alone. This makes it particularly valuable for the training of students and others who are hoping to work in the many fields that now demand low-budget video. I strongly recommend this resource for anyone wanting an introduction to the techniques of professional single-camera video production." John Hillel. Australian Catholic University Lecturer (written in 2012)


1. Basic camera and types of recording medium
2. Tripod
3. Choice of viewfinder
4. Camera settings
5. Shutter speed
6. Iris/aperture (manual or auto)
7. White balance
8. Neutral density filters
9. Exposure using zebra stripes
10. Gain
11. Focus (manual or auto)
12. Frame markers
13. Framing
14. Depth of field
15. Zooming, panning and tilting
16. Crossing the line
17. Shot description
18. Rule of thirds
19. Handheld or steady shot
20. Lighting
21. Sound
22. Record inhibit
23. Clean lens
24. Closing Statement

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