some improvising tips

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some improvising tips

Post  GottaLaunch on Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:57 am

Hi folks,

In Mark's DVD advanced camcorder techniques mark showed a couple of ways to improvise while shooting.
I found out that you can do a lot of improvising with a standard video tripod.

The media rig: just fold in the tripod and put your hendheld camcorder on top of it, so that the weight of the cam is resting on your sholder.
The steadycam: fold out the tripod, place your cam on top of it and hold the tripod at 2 legs.
The under hand shooting way: at small hand palm camera's it's difficult to shoot under hands. I found cheap Hama Star 62, which has a handle on it, so that you easely can shoot in a low angle.

Good luck, WVD

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