"A game without an address" by Hesham Ashour

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"A game without an address" by Hesham Ashour

Post  santifitian on Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:31 pm

"It's something which began or maybe about to begin. It lies in a place which I don't remember or doesn't exist. Did my eyes go rounding in the wide or was it just a sound calling far behind? Was there really a ship sailing in a sea or was it sailing in blood and tears? All of these are stories which I can't tell whether it is true or legend. I am not sure of anything, but I believe a sound of a flute telling me I was there.
It's a game where you lie .You dont choose your place nor your day nor your role. You only draw a path for hope to move on."

A game without an address
A movie by "Santifitian S" productions

Performed by: Ahmed Saeed
Ahmed El-Gebaly

Directed by : Hesham Ashour



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