Glib Promotion Vid (@ Monsterpop 2009)

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Glib Promotion Vid (@ Monsterpop 2009)

Post  GottaLaunch on Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:12 pm

Hiya guys,

Last saturday I've been filming the performance of the band Glib (from a couple of friends of mine), which was at an event called Monsterpop, in the village of Monster, the Netherlands.
It's a pretty cool vid, when you concidered the short amount of time I put into this project.

The band will use this video mainly as promotional material.

Camera: Sony DCR-SR30, shot in SD PAL.
Edited with: Adobe afterEffects (jup, sorry to not edit in premiere, but i just prefer editing in AE for short productions, cause you've got so much controll with it. And the colour correcting and titling is better in AE.
Output after editing: enhanced to HD 720 for youtube.


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